Lerato Maimela
Digital Journalist
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25 Apr 2022
11:17 am

Who is Pearl Modiadie’s mystery new man?

Lerato Maimela

Sources revealed that Pearl Modiadie was seen being cosy and intimate at a restaurant with another public figure.

Boy mom and television personality, Pearl Modiadie. Picture: Instagram

Television personality and boy mom Pearl Modiadie seems to be back in the dating scene after calling it quits with her fiancé and baby daddy Nathaniel Oppenheimer.

According to City Press, Modiadie was spotted out at a restaurant with Andile Ncube sometime last month, where they appeared to be cosy and intimate while sharing a meal.

City Press reached out to two waiters from the restaurant who claimed that the two could not keep their hands off of each other and even shared a kiss or two in the parking lot of the restaurant in front of everyone.

“They came here last month. They sat at the table next to the tree and were holding hands and touching one another like a couple,” said one of the sources.

“They even left together and kissed in the parking lot in front of a lot of people. They looked very cosy and touchy,” said the other source.

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Pearl has since denied these dating allegations, but has admitted that she and Andile did go out to the restaurant together, but as friends and not as lovers.

“We are friends. We are not dating. We are good friends. Call Andile and ask him. We are just good friends. I have not seen him in quite a long time.

“We did go to Tashas. I mean, friends do go for breakfast every now and then, don’t they? We are not together,” said Modiadie.

The former Metro FM host took to social media on 4 April to share a video she created of all the beautiful moments that she captured at Denise Zimba’s white wedding.

In the video, Pearl also added a picture of herself holding hands with an unknown gentleman who has a rose tattoo on his hand.

Pear Modiadie
Screenshot from Pearl Modiadie’s video on Instagram. Picture: Instagram