Renate Engelbrecht
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10 May 2022
2:19 pm

Leon Schuster’s mother dies at the age of 100

Renate Engelbrecht

Leon Schuster says his 100-year-old mother's death has pulled him back into God's bosom.

Leon Schuster. Image: Facebook

Comedian, actor and filmmaker, Leon Schuster’s mother, Jessie Schuster passed away in Bloemfontein on Sunday at the age of 100-years-old.

Schuster’s mother was a Bloemfontein resident for 40 to 50 years and lived in a flat in Westerbloem, where she passed away.

In a Facebook post shared over the weekend, Leon Schuster wrote that he was in Bloemfontein where his 100-year-old mother was standing “on her last legs,” suffering.

His brother, Johann Schuster told Netwerk24 that their mother died from old age and organ failure.

She was born on 28 February 1922 and word has it that before she met Leon Schuster’s father, she dated the heart transplant pioneer, Chris Barnard.

“Heart-breaking,” Leon said about having to see his mother suffer on her deathbed.

He painted the picture of her beautiful smile being gone, but then also shared testimony to witnessing her experiencing something supernatural during her last hours.

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The brothers Leon and Johann Schuster with their mother on her 100th birthday
The brothers Leon and Johann Schuster with their mother on her 100th birthday. Image: Facebook/Leon Schuster

He says that when his sister-in-law read Psalm 23, it was the only time his mother opened her eyes.

“I don’t know what is going on in her grey head, but it’s certain: She is experiencing something. She is seeing something we can’t see and it’s only the Holy Spirit that can do something like that.”

He said that his mother’s suffering has been a personal journey which has led him back to the Truth – something he once had, but lost.

“Through her suffering – which is terrible to watch – I have deliberately been pulled back to God’s bosom,” he wrote.

“God works miracles in strange ways. We shouldn’t ask questions – He will give the solution! Such a fantastic moment in my life! Afrikaans is big, but Jesus is bigger!”

A private service will be held at the retirement village where Leon Schuster’s mother lived on Tuesday. She will be cremated.