Tracy Lee Stark
Photographer and Multimedia Producer
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3 Jun 2022
8:28 pm

IN PHOTOS: Celebrities and politicians the Queen met during her reign

Tracy Lee Stark

The Queen has shaken a lot of hands during her reign, including three South African Presidents.

In her 70 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II met many personalities and political leaders, from Marilyn Monroe, who she met when they were both 30 years old, to Lady Gaga and many more famous faces.

The Queen was just four years into her reign when she met Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe at the Royal Film Performance of The Battle of River Plate in 1956.

Her list continued to increase year after year with meetings taking place at Buckingham Palace as well as film premieres and other A-list events.

She’s also met with every U.S. president who served during the course of her reign.

The Queen has had the pleasure of meeting every actor to have played the famous 007 spy, James Bond.

In 2012, Daniel Craig – who played Bond at the time – accompanied her majesty to the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games.

The Queen also met many musicians during her reign, from Frank Sinatra to UK pop sensation, the Spice Girls.

In 2014, she travelled to the set of the hit show, Game of Thrones, where she declined the seat on the Iron Throne.

An old tradition prohibits the reigning English monarch from sitting on a foreign throne.

Therefore, she politely declined the offer from producers, much to the surprise of cast members Lena Headey, Kit Harington, Maisie Williams, and Sophie Turner.

Then in 2018, she joined Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, in the front row during London Fashion Week.

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