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Bongani Fassie shares gruesome video of injuries following panga attack

Bongani Fassie was left with two gaping wounds after an attack by an unknown machete-wielding man in Randburg over the weekend.

Bongani Fassie, son of the late Brenda Fassie, shocked social media users over the weekend when he posted a gruesome video showing his car covered in blood and two big gashes on his arm after an alleged panga attack. 

The video, posted on his Instagram account, opens with a newspaper headline poster that reads; “Bongani Fassie survives hit”.

He then shows the blood-covered jeans he had on during the attack as well as some photos of his BMW covered in blood before the video cuts to footage of two big gashes in his arm. 

The video of his injuries is followed by images of Riky Rick, AKA, Costa Titch and HHP. 

What happened to Bongani Fassie?

Speaking to Zimoja, Fassie claimed that he was attacked by an unknown man who reportedly charged at him with a panga while he was driving in Randburg, Johannesburg, a few days ago.

In a response to a tweet by Zimoja about the attack, @PrinceMag4 tweeted: “lol ask him why he was fighting with the coloured dude?…yes he (Bongani) got stabbed afterwards n it was scary i thot he was gonna kick the bhakede [bucket]… All this happened at around 03 – 04 eksen [in the morning]”. 

“I don’t know who the man is. I just saw him come at me with a panga. I was driving with a friend with my window down. The guy was aiming for my chest but I grabbed him, tried to disarm him and he butchered my arm,” he told the publication. 

“He cut me but I continued to fight.” 

Bongani Fassie

Bongani Fassie further told the publication that he feared for his life as he believes this was a planned attempt on his life by an unknown person who had been threatening him via text message. 

“I first received a message saying, it should have been me who died instead of AKA,” he said. 

Fassie added that this was not the first time someone had attacked him and that the two previous “assassination attempts” had left him traumatised. 

If you have a strong stomach, you can watch the video here (please note that it is not for sensitive viewers).

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