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Danny K’s opinion on privilege and racism ruffles white feathers

The musician says not enough white people call out racism.

Musician Daniel “Danny K” Koppel received criticism on social media after sharing his opinion on white people’s response to racism and their privilege.

In a series of tweets, Danny K said “not enough” white people called out racism, and further encouraged them to “have courage” and speak out against racism even when it was uncomfortable.

He said: “Not enough white people call out racism when it rears it ugly head. Yes it may be uncomfortable and yes you may be the singular unpopular opinion, but stand firm and have courage. We can no longer be silent.”

He further called out “many” white people for “lack of empathy” towards black South Africans, even though they had, “for the most part” benefitted from their exclusion.

“Own your privilege, appreciate it and pay it forward,” he said.

But white people were not having any of it, and they also took to social media to tell him where to get off with his privilege talk.

“It’s problematic when an artist singles out one race and don’t look at the conversation and situation as a whole. Where are your tweets not condemning the actions and behaviour of the EFF and BLF? Why target “White South Africans” as if there isn’t a bigger black middle class in RSA?” asked Renaldo Gouws, while Irene Burger wrote: “Have you ever seen the black people that are doing well for themselves (and may I say there are a lot of them) have empathy on those Who are struggling in rural areas. No they don’t! Catch a wake up Danny its not the whites. You must be sleeping for the last 25 years.”

But Danny K did not back down.

“As white South African I am constantly witness to a lack of empathy by privileged white people around me. My tweet reflects my reality. The scales of privilege and opportunity are still not equal…if you think they are then we may be living in different places,” he said.

He further told those who accused him of being controversial as a PR stunt for his upcoming album that it would indeed drop in 2020.

(Compiled by Vhahangwele Nemakonde)

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