DJ Sbu slams death rumours

DJ Sbu is the latest celebrity to be hit by pesky death rumours which have been doing the rounds on social media.

The drama started on Wednesday afternoon after a fake article claiming that DJ Sbu had died in a New York hospital went viral.

Taking to Instagram, Sbu shared the article alongside a prayer rebuking it. Sbu later shared a video letting fans know that he is alive and well. “I am alive. Thank you for your messages of concern guys I appreciate it,” he said.

The entrepreneur added that he was currently busy working on a medical aid campaign. In the video Sbu said he is grateful for all the concerned messages and that he planned to live a long life.

“I am turning 39 years next year and I am still going to live a long life and I’m still going to help a lot of people.”

Sbu also encouraged people to plan for the future by getting medical aid and by making sure their affairs are in order. The radio jock said it is all about leaving a legacy.


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