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‘One of the boys’ – Husband accused of having affair with Enhle Mbali defends her

Actress Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa has been accused of having an affair with a married man, however, Justice Huni has denied this claim.

Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa’s private life is under scrutiny after purported leaked phone calls were published on Tuesday. 

The recordings have Enhle Mbali on a phone call with a woman by the name of Valentino Bango who accuses her of cheating with her husband. 

Bango has accused Enhle Mbali of having an affair with her husband, Justice Huni and claimed she has tried multiple times to stop the affair for a few years. 

The story has been bubbling for a few weeks, however, this has changed after leaked conversations between Bango and Enhle surfaced on social media. 

Bango claims her husband is asking for a polygamist family, making Enhle his second wife

Bango has been outspoken, sending statements to gossip blogs, posting alleged messages between Huni and Enhle, and asking her to stop contacting her husband.

Alleged affair or polygamy

In the phone recordings, Bango and the fashion designer are heard discussing the actress’s interest in isthembu (polygamy). 

However, Bango makes it clear she is not interested in polygamy. 

Enhle says: “Which is why I kept silent and I took it in and I took your pain in. And I completely understood where you were coming from. Something brings me back and I was like you know what, let’s try. 

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“And from that trying, I was telling him what I was doing, I had questions I was asking with regards to what it entails to be in isthembu, apart from watching [a] couple of shows. I know people in South Africa, a couple of friends that are in isthembu and I have done my homework and I understand that it needed to be received from home first.”

Enhle Mbali’s previous relationship with international DJ Black Coffee was controversial, the fashion designer alleged he was abusive during their marriage. They have in the past had public outbursts against each other with Black Coffee denying the allegations against him.

Social media was divided on the leaked records, with the actress appearing to have admitted to having slept with Huni.

‘Just a friend’

The Citizen reached out to Enhle’s team, and her representative Tlhogi Ngwato said they “reserved their right to not comment or engage at this time”. 

The Blood Pslams actor posted on her Instagram account that people should follow her page “the Voice of Enhle” a platform where she will speak.

Huni, on the other hand has responded, publishing a statement calling his relationship with Enhle “one of the boys”. 

This statement was also shared on the Voice of Enhle Instagram page.

“In the past few weeks allegations have been levelled by my wife about my friend since we [were] teens, who is also my business associate Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa. 

“I categorically deny everything stated about Enhle pertaining to the nature of mine and Enhle’s relationship. She, unfortunately, got herself into a messy issue and as a friend covered for me unaware it would lead to this unfortunate event.” 

Huni said he is aware that his statement is “late” adding Enhle is “one of the boys and covered me”. 

He concluded that the matter needed to be handled privately. 

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