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If you’re short, you can only stretch your arm so far, says Somizi about Emtee

'If you are tall, you are tall.'

Speaking on his Metro FM breakfast show with DJ Fresh on Tuesday, Somizi said the so-called ‘mistake’ would not have happened if Emtee had better friends.

“It worries me when I see a career that is doing well and a talented young man making stupid mistakes because you’re surrounded with fans that are disguised as friends,” he said.

He then ended on a lighter note by addressing those jokes about the size of Emtee’s manhood.

“Console yourselves all you want. All I am saying is, if you are short, you can only stretch your arm to a certain extent. If you are tall, you are tall,” he said.

The video of Emtee accidentally revealing his penis while urinating has been the talk of the town this week. The video even inspired the hashtag, #EmteeChallenge, with people reenacting the incident on social media.

Emtee has since apologised for the video, claiming it was a “mistake”.




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