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‘You will be shook’: Itu Bokaba opens up about weight loss & toxic situations

The actress said her weight loss journey brought positivity into her life after all she has been through.

Rhythm City actress Itumeleng ‘Itu’ Bokaba recently opened up about her weight loss journey. The actress and mother of one said she has been through the most in the past couple of years.

“If I can tell you the details you will be shook. All my pain manifested into comfort eating, and my body was not able to release the toxins,” she said.

She revealed that her current show, uBettina Wethu, helped her reduce some of her financial struggles, adding that losing weight also brought a positive change into her life. 

She added: “I was able to focus on me. I was able to come out of a toxic situation and stand on my own two feet. My confidence took many knocks, and I’m still working on it, but weight loss has helped me look and feel better”.

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Itu’s break up

Last week, Zimoja reported that Itu has parted ways with her boyfriend, popularly known as Mr. Brown

While the publication reported that they split because Itu had found out that the producer and singer was married and expecting a child, she rubbished the claims and revealed that it was because Mr. Brown was emotionally abusive towards her.

“It is disheartening to see such important details misrepresented, as it not only distorts the truth, but also perpetuates harmful stereotypes and fuels xenophobia.

“I want to emphasise that I am not the kind of person who bases their relationships on superficial factors such as looks or status. My decision to enter a relationship with Mr. Brown was based on my belief that he was a good person,” she told The South African.

Meanwhile, Mr Brown who has reportedly been deported to Zimbabwe, told Zimoja that he is worried about his wife, who is giving birth this month.

“I was staying in SA legally. I went out to Botswana then on my way back I was stopped. I was alone. I overstayed and I was then supposed to appeal but I didn’t, and that is how I was refused entry back to South Africa. I can come back if I want to anytime, but I am still good here. I am just worried about my wife.

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