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Jakarumba turns to God after battling alcohol addiction

Kwaito star, Jairus "Jakarumba" Khuse, has reportedly turned to God to get his life back on track.

The star, a member of the successful outfit, Trompies, reportedly battled an alcohol addiction but has subsequently changed his ways.

“I lived a very fast and crazy life for many years, while my career was booming with Trompies. I was successful, but I was horrible to many people, including some of my friends and family,” he said to Sunday World.

Khuse explained that he is trying to beat his alcohol addiction and has been clean for a few years.

“I’ve been clean for the past three years now, because alcohol had completely robbed me of my dignity. Since then, I’ve slowly started to put my life in order by asking my ancestors, God, many of my friends and family for forgiveness.”

He also allegedly realised that he had “disgraced the God-fearing family” that he come from.

“I realised that the only way I was going to succeed was to get closer to God and live a more religious life.” He explained.

Khuse said his new, clean lifestyle would help him with his band, Trompies.

“I’m back to living a normal life, with no funny business. just me, work and my family. Everybody can see that I am a changed man,” he added.


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