‘Kaalgat Karel’ is looking for his counterpart in ‘Op My Eish!’ season two

Actor and director Francois Jacobs is the twinkly eyed bachelor on the upcoming second season of 'Op My Eish!'

Francois Jacobs, 32, from Mbombela, who played the lead role in the recent Kaalgat Karel film, says if you look at his Instagram feed, nudity is no issue for him and he is more than willing to run across a rugby field naked should the right girl come along.

Viewers might also remember him from the film, Vir die Voëls and and TV series like Spoorloos 1, Binnelanders, Donkerland and Sterlopers.

Francois had initially been asked to be the wingman for kykNET’s second season of Op My Eish!, but as things evolved, producer Gideon Eksteen was unable to find the ideal eligible bachelor for the show and Francois became single. That lead to him being the lucky guy to choose 16 women from the entries for an exciting and adventurous second season.

Francois’ wingman is fellow Kaalgat Karel actor and comedian, Schalk Bezuidenhout, and Francois says Schalk is the best man for the job.

“With Kaalgat Karel, we built up a good brotherly bond and I think we know each others’ ins and outs. He is more than capable to be my wingman in the second season. He sees deep into a person’s soul.”

Francois Jacobs and wingman, Schalk Bezuidenhout
Francois Jacobs and wingman Schalk Bezuidenhout. Picture: Supplied

Francois’ philosophy is to rather be faithful to someone than to be married to someone.

“For me, love goes much further than a piece of metal around someone’s finger. People have been hiding behind the paper and the ring. I will gladly get married once our children are old enough, but I feel people have misused the beauty of marriage over the years. Being faithful is a much stronger element than to marry someone.”

He says once his children are old enough to tell him to marry their mother, he will know that it was meant to be.

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The Kaalgat Karel actor describes himself as an adventurous, happy-go-lucky bundle of joy who doesn’t appreciate any negativity. He is looking for a counterpart – someone who will keep up with his adventures.

“Someone who takes initiative, rather than me having to initiate things all the time. I am looking for my match,” he says.

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Facts about Francois Jacobs

  • The Kaalgat Karel actor claims to be a romantic.
  • He is way keener on rugby than tennis.
  • He says he’s much more the island holiday type of guy than a Europe trip kind of guy.
  • Bush or beach was a little more difficult to choose between, but he eventually chose the beach.
  • A muddy farm dam definitely trumps a luxurious infinity pool for Francois.

In the first season of Op My Eish!, actor Neels van Jaarsveld found love when he met beauty therapist, Florinda Hearn, and they are still a happy couple today.

The second season of Op My Eish! will be filmed between 5 February 2022 and 5 March 2022 and South African women older than 21 can enter with a short video, two recent photographs and the relevant entry form.

Entries close on 15 December 2021 and only digital entries will be accepted.

This video is no longer available.

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