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Lady Zamar’s name dragged after learner takes his own life

Lady Zamar's name was dragged on Twitter after a high school learner committed suicide over a false rape charge.

Songstress Lady Zamar’s name was unexpectedly dragged after a high school student took his own life.

Lady Zamar hasn’t been able to catch a break on social media after she alleged that her former partner fellow artist Sjava raped her in late 2017.

In November 2019, Lady Zamar laid a case of rape against Sjava of which the public was only made aware in March 2020. She alleged she was raped by the accused after the two performed at the Royal Heritage Festival in Limpopo in 2017.

The case was thrown out of court and Sjava denied the allegations levelled against him.

Bafana Sithole

A teenage boy, Bafana Sithole from Mpumalanga, started trending on Twitter over the weekend after it was reported that he had taken his own life. It was alleged a fellow learner falsely accused Sithole of rape.

He was found hanging in one of the classrooms last Thursday. The Mpumalanga Department of Education confirmed that the police are investigating the incident. 

As the reports circulated, some compared Sithole’s tragedy to Zamar accusing Sjava of sexual assault and rape. 

Some commentators and fans of Sjava believe Zamar falsely accused the musician of rape and her name was dragged into the story, as they harshly criticised her. 

Lady Zamar commented on the tragedy, tweeting: “I keep getting [tagged] on this. It’s terrible reading such. No one should ever lie about getting raped. r.i.p to the young man Bafana Sithole”.

There was a heated debate among those defending Zamar, arguing that just because the case was thrown out doesn’t mean Sjava is innocent, nor did she admit to falsely accusing him of sexual assault. 

Twitter debates over Lady Zamar’s comment and Sjava’s past

Zamar also shared her thoughts on the untimely passing of DJ Sumbody who passed away on Sunday.

She said: “This is super shocking and heartbreaking to the core… Sumbody looked out for his [people], never held grudges and was welcoming, funny, a hustler and [a] game changer in entertainment and in many [people’s] lives [plus] he gave great advice… mfana pitori. We will miss you.”

Lady Zamar was bullied in her comments section even with this post.

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