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LISTEN: Leaked audio of Unathi and Sizwe’s altercation reveals all

Unathi was fired with immediate effect after an argument between her and Sizwe Dhlomo, resulting in the station siding with the Afternoon Drive host on what occurred in the disagreement.

It has been a busy week for Unathi Nkayi and Sizwe Dhlomo who have been dragging each other up and down the streets of social media.

The animosity between the two Kaya FM presenters started after Unathi reported Sizwe to senior management at the radio station claiming that he verbally abused her.

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In an internal email that has been leaked to The Citizen, Unathi writes that Sizwe swore at her and was extremely aggressive towards her, after she pointed out that he is always late to take over the desk for his show.

“His immediate rhetoric was ‘Just f*cken leave then, just f*cken leave,” Unathi wrote in the email, adding that Sizwe shouted the words across the room in front of co-workers Reneilwe, Tyrelee and Sandile.

The email goes on to state how Unathi explained to Sizwe that her contract ends at 3pm, but that she cannot leave until he officially takes over.

“He continued to scream at me telling me he has a lot to deal with, asking me if I understand how much he had to deal with.”

Unathi concluded her email saying this behaviour is “unprofessional, unacceptable and abusive.”

In a second leaked email, Sizwe shares his version of the events that transpired during the argument with Unathi.

The two emails are vastly different in their descriptions of what went down on the day.

Leaked audio reveals all

Leaked audio of the argument has since been shared with The Citizen, which paints a clearer picture of what was really said in the argument between Unathi and Sizwe.

In part one of the recording, the duo can be heard bickering about leftover food during the show. They get into a really heated argument about the right way to cook umphokoqo and eat it the next day as leftovers.

Unathi is adamant that it is cooked with salt, while Sizwe continually interrupts her, telling her that it is not the right way to cook it. A couple of seconds later, after more bickering about adding salt, Sizwe tells Unathi “that’s why you couldn’t keep a man, that’s why,” to which Unathi responds “because I am a failed wife right?”

In the second part of the leaked audio, Unathi can be heard talking in the background during the news bulletin.

“Sizwe, I can’t leave until you arrive my love. Please stop taking four minutes of my day everyday,” she says.

Sizwe then tells her that she can leave when the show ends at 3pm, to which Unathi responds that she can’t leave until he arrives and that she will get fired if she leaves the studio unattended.

Sizwe continues to tell her that she must then just leave to which she responds saying that she will report him.

Listen to the audio below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

The leaked audio surfaced mere hours after Unathi took to Instagram saing that she was ‘silenced’ by Kaya FM.

In her video statement on Instagram, she claimed the radio station was trying to silence her, after she received a letter saying she could not speak on the matter because of contractual agreements as freelancers.

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Kaya FM has since responded to Unathi’s claims of being silenced, telling Channel24 that “Ms Nkayi is well aware of the contents of the final communication addressed to her by Kaya 959, especially where confidentiality and perpetuating a false narrative is concerned.”

The statement further reads that “Ms Nkayi is also very aware of the reasons and circumstances that led to the termination of her contract with Kaya 959, the evidence of which has been shared with her for her records.”

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