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Unathi shares her own receipts in battle against Kaya FM and Sizwe Dhlomo

Unathi has shared her own documentation as a way to prove her first claim that Kaya did not want her to speak on the matter of her axing.

The debacle between Unathi Nkayi, Kaya FM and Sizwe Dhlomo is continuing.

The former Kaya FM presenter recently shared screenshots of correspondence to support the claim that she has been “silenced” by the radio station.

Last Friday, Unathi released a video statement of her side of the story relating to argument with former colleague Sizwe, which lead to her dismissal.

She said due to her contractual agreement as a freelancer, she could not talk further on the matter. However, she did address her frosty relationship with Sizwe.

Subsequently, Sizwe dropped receipts of the email correspondence between himself, Unathi and Kaya’s senior management, which laid out the conflict. The emails showed that Unathi reported him for unprofessional conduct due to him being late and rude.

There was also audio released by the Afternoon Drive host to show his “innocence” after Unathi alleged he swore at her and was extremely aggressive towards her during their confrontation. Sizwe then shared his version of the events that transpired during the argument with Unathi.

The two emails are vastly different in their descriptions of what went down on the day.

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Unathi has shared her own documentation as a way to prove her first claim that Kaya did not want her to speak on the matter.

“I need to say something about Kaya’s claim that it ‘recognises and respects the right to freedom speech’.”

She shared a picture of her communication with the station on 17 November, which detailed the termination of her contract.

On point number 37 it read: “Naturally you remain bound by your confidentiality obligations and are warned against utilising any platform official or unofficial to perpetuate your version of events or to in any way damage the goodwill that informed the relationship prior to your breach.”

The document was signed by the HR business partner.

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Kaya has dismissed Unathi’s claim they didn’t want her to talk about her dismissal. The station said they were avoiding her “perpetuating a false narrative”.

The Idols SA judge says this point of termination of her contract indicates that the radio station only values free speech “when it is the one controlling who says what through legal threats”.

“I think this speaks for itself. I will now leave this matter to my lawyers.”

Sizwe still has a lot to say and wonders what legal team Unathi has.

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