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Maps Maponyane, Twitter going nuts over Nomzamo’s ‘hot’ body

The Isibaya actor has definitely ended 2016 with a bang.

Isibaya actor Nomzamo Mbatha has recently shared a picture of herself in a swimsuit and her boyfriend, along with fans on Twitter, are going crazy over it.

After sharing it on Twitter, Maponyane also shared it on Facebook and, from his caption, one could tell it left him speechless.

“Thixo!🔥 Merry Christmas Bakithi,” was all he said, understandably so.

Is it even legal to have such a gorgeous body? The most painful part about this situation is that Mbatha said she would be “dedicating the whole of 2017 to fixing and perfecting my body”.

What left to perfect though?

Even her boyfriend could not understand what she meant. He responded to her tweet and said her statement clearly showed there was no mirror at her house.

Some, however, felt that Mbatha was only fishing for compliments.

“Something us women need to leave in 2016. Day after getting a flood of compliments we talking about ‘Oh I need to perfect my body’,” said one of her followers.

She responded to the critics, saying it was her personal goal.

“Am I not allowed to have those? Regardless of how others view umzimba wam (my body)?” She asked.

If she was fishing for compliments, according to the user, she definitely got more than enough, as she was trending on Twitter.

These were some of the comments:






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