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Norma would rather die than lose Malusi, says Buhle Mkhize

Even if he were to have five children with another woman, Norma would still not leave her husband, and it has nothing to do with 'love', says Buhle.

Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba’s ex-nyatsi went on a Twitter rant on Tuesday night that landed her on the trends list. Unlike the AKAs of this world, Buhle thoroughly prepared slides for us to avoid the character limit on Twitter and being misquoted.  Her efforts left South Africans saying we are not worthy of such a thoughtful person.

Buhle revealed a few details she withheld in her open letter telling us her side of the story from almost two years ago. She also made a few allegations against the Gigabas, exposing some of the “lies” Norma told in the interview with eNCA.

Here are a few things we learned about the Gigabas from Buhle’s tweets, if the allegations are to be believed:

  • Buhle denied ruining their honeymoon. “We all had a nice honeymoon, no drama.” She said she was also at the couple’s honeymoon via FaceTime and called everyday. There was no media storm either, as the media only knew about the affair a year later.
  • She says Gigaba dreams of being SA president one day, a dream Buhle alleges Norma will destroy.
  • Gigaba and Buhle travelled in a private jet from Joburg to Durban.
  • Though he has distanced himself from allegations that he is friends with the Guptas, Buhle has implied Gigaba has met with the controversial family.
  • Gigaba and Buhle have travelled to Mauritius, and something juicy happened while they were. We’ll only know what happened if Norma gives another interview.
  • Again there are juicy details about December 18 that will only come out if Norma gives another interview. She said these details would be her last option, as they also implicate her in something “embarrassing”.
  • She further alleges Norma does not have a degree in IT. She may have done courses in IT, but there is no degree, Buhle has alleged.
  • Though she has been criticised for being “bitter” after “losing” Gigaba to Norma, Buhle said she never hoped to win him. “If I wanted a man in parliament I would have aimed for a single brother or fought for a man I had a chance of winning.”
  • No one will ever take Gigaba from his wife, she said. “She would rather die than lose him, and it’s got nothing to do with love. Her identity, entire existence, depends on this marriage.”

Last night, she said she would delete her Twitter account but would not be doing that anymore, as some people would say it was fake.

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