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PODCAST: Bujy denies assaulting Boity but people are not buying it

Bujy Bikwa claimed that there was video footage of his altercation with Boity Thulo and said he was glad that the footage exists.

Speaking during a recent podcast interview, disgraced media personality Bujy Bikwa denied ever hitting anyone with a champagne bottle, but social media users who witnessed the aftermath of his alleged assault on Boity Thulo are not buying it. 

Bujy was speaking about the charges brought against him in 2021 after a physical altercation with the rapper and TV presenter at a Midrand hotel after an event hosted by a major tech company. 

In October 2021, it was reported that the former radio host allegedly threw a bottle at Boity’s face. She was taken to hospital by ambulance after sustaining injuries to her face.

He told the podcast host, Nkululeko, that he regrets ever going to the event and accused the people that were there of “not saying anything” about what happened. 

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Shortly after the incident happened, an anonymous source told The Citizen there was calm before the storm and then a “shouting match” ensued at the hotel. Other witnesses to the incident told the publication that before the argument, both Boity and Bujy were talking about sangomas and ancestors when things got heated.

Hurt that no one believed him 

Bujy told the podcast host that he even took a step back from the spotlight after the event. Not because he was disgraced but because he was hurt that no one believed him when he claimed he did not harm the star. 

Recalling what happened that night, Bujy said that he was crying hysterically and that he was confused immediately after the assault

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He confirmed that there is an ongoing court case between him and Thulo related to the incident and that it was held up by “little delays.” He further told the podcast host there is footage from the night in question, adding he was “just happy that there’s footage.” 

At the time, Thulo had laid charges of assault against him at the Midrand police station and Bujy was arrested shortly thereafter. He spent a night in jail and later appeared at the Midrand Magistrates Court.

He was released on R2,000 bail and was ordered to stay away from Thulo and not contact any of the witnesses who were present on the night.

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During his podcast interview, he also added that he had to get the court to subpoena the full audio recording of their fight and said he had to listen to it 19 times.  

‘We are about to destroy you’ 

Bujy also told Nkululeko that shortly after the altercation, he attempted to reach out to Thulo to arrange a meeting for them to discuss what happened but claims to have been met with a message from someone in her camp stating they were “about to destroy” him. 

“I feel like, personally, with what happened that day, we were both at fault… Yes, we exchanged words, we got physical at some point but it was never that.”

He claims he can’t say anything about his version of events from the evening in question because no one will believe him. 

He wants Thulo to speak and “tell the truth.” 

“I would really love for her to say ‘this is what really happened.’ I have yet to have that day.” 

Following the podcast, Bujy doubled down on his claims on social media which invited an avalanche of backlash from people who did not believe his denials. 

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