Priddy Ugly puts steroid rumours to bed, promises to do the same to Cassper

Priddy Ugly also took it upon himself to address the 'fake people' that now want to surround the rapper.

Things are heating up as the Celeb City boxing match draws closer with people speculating that Cassper Nyovest’s opponent, Ricardo “Priddy Ugly” Moloi is on steroids after he shared pictures of himself.

Ricardo addressed the steroid rumours on his personal Twitter account, saying “it’s wild that gents think I look so good that it can’t be natural.”

This after the South African rapper shared a couple of pictures showing his “well-built” muscles, which sparked the rumours.

He further alluded that he is the one who insisted the duo should be “drug free” during the boxing match and to do drug tests every couple of weeks leading up to the fight.

However, he says he had been waiting for over five weeks to do the tests.

Priddy Ugly also took it upon himself to address the “fake people” that now want to surround the rapper.

He said he doesn’t understand “how people who weren’t with me a single day in the gym, expect to be in my corner, in the locker room and by my side when we win”.

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‘Moered by a chubby guy’

Both Priddy Ugly and Cassper have been working tirelessly to prepare for the much anticipated match on Saturday and the “friendly” brawl between the two rappers has intensified. 

Meanwhile, Cassper. the Mahikeng-born rapper and record producer, on Monday promised Priddy that this weekend’s match will be a “quick” one as he will beat him in the first round.  

“I’m going to beat the sh*t out of you on Saturday! Don’t worry though, it’ll be quick! This one is for all the chubby boys. The sgoras – muscle men – are going be so mad at you for being moered by a chubby guy [and] I’m coming with the W for us!,” Cassper Nyovest tweeted.

“I had to lose a lot of muscle mass to fight you. You about to lose to someone shorter, way lighter, less facial hair [and] you have a Bentley and McLaren, you filled up the dome and you trained for three years, just to lose to me. Damn, I’d be dropping wack raps too” Priddy said responding to Cassper’s tweet.

Cassper’s rant

Cassper shared a video clip on Instagram of his previous boxing match with musician and actor Anga Makubalo, famously known as Naakmusiq, which “Don Billiato” gradually lost.

He cited that the referee was “bought” and that it won’t be the same situation this weekend as he plans to bring the pain.

He captioned the video: “Back in the ring this Saturday. We got close to a knockout with my last fight until the referee decided to save the man. Can someone who is a boxing expert tell me what the referee was stopping here? Lmao, I wonder how much he got paid for this.

“Your boy [ Naakmusiq] was eating these [punches] all night. The last clip was a knockdown in round three by the way. The guy couldn’t even stand up after falling on me. His legs are gone. Did the referee count? No! Did the judges count it? No! Why? Only God knows. Well, I know too but that’s another story for another day. I’m back in the ring this Saturday bringing more PAIN! Leaving nothing to the judges this time ,” the amateur boxer said.

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