Rickus set to exit ‘7de Laan’ for ‘Legacy’ as love triangle heats up

Recent happenings had fans on the edge of their seats as Esti woke up from her coma while Rickus and Lana were having a ball.

Just as 7de Laan’s famous Rickus-Marko-Esti love triangle climaxes, André Lötter – who plays Rickus in the SABC2 soapie – took to Instagram to let the cat out the bag.

It’s true – he has joined the cast of M-Net’s telenovela, Legacy. This comes as his 7de Laan storyline peaks and fans are naturally confused.

“Looking forward to taking this journey with the viewers,” he captioned his picture, which promotes Legacy’s second season with him in it.

According to 7de Laan’s publicity team, Lötter’s schedule was accommodated to film at Legacy, which is why he can appear in both shows at the same time.

Meanwhile, 7de Laan fans are saying “no” to the prospect of having to witness the famous love triangle take shape all over again.

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Esti (Reandi Grey), Rickus’ wife whom he ultimately divorced while she was in a coma, turned heads for many reasons lately.

Apart from waking up from her coma, she also surprised Rickus and Lana at Mariaan’s elegant masquerade ball. Her fellow 7de Laners were all taken aback as she took off her mask in front of the two lovebirds, leaving both Rickus and Lana speechless.

As Corlea sang her very fitting song, Haat, Rickus, Esti and Lana found themselves in a predicament. Will this lead to someone leaving the Laan? Could it be Rickus as he is also featuring in Legacy now?

Many are wondering what Esti’s return might mean for her relationship with Marko, as she is due to find out that she is divorced sooner than later. Until recently, she thought about Marko all the time before surprising Rickus with her presence.

Only time will tell.

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