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6 questions with comedian Mpho Popps

Mpho Popps talks to 'The Citizen' about where he finds inspiration for his jokes and the three things that keep him grounded.

South African comedian Mpho Popps, popular to many television viewers for competing in season 6 of SABC 3’s reality competition Strictly Come Dancing is far from hanging up his entertainment shoes.

In March, Popps hosted media and guests for a fun-filled event at which Pepsico unleashed the new hottest snacks in Mzansi.

Between Mpho, singer and dancer Robot Boii and musical artist Okay Wasabi, guests had a memorable and interactive evening at the launch of the Simba, Nik Naks and Doritos Flaming Hot Range.

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Mpho Popps on his career and favourite flaming hot flavour

Popps, who MC’d the event, spoke to The Citizen about his collaboration with Pepsico, his favourite flaming hot flavour and where he finds inspiration for his hilarious jokes.

Q: Are you still working for Comedy Central?

A: Yes I am. We are actually working on some new exciting things in the months to come, which I am very excited about.

Q: Are you working on anything at the moment?

A: I am working on my birthday comedy show which will be debuting on 10 June at Emperors Palace. I am also working on a very big TV production that I am very excited about.

Q: Why did you choose this partnership with Simba, Doritos, NikNaks? How does it align with your brand?

A: I am a Simba guy through and through. I think Simba is the most-loved chip in this country, so the partnership just made so much sense because growing up I always wanted to be a ‘Simba chippie’. Coming to this point where Simba actually wanted to partner with me has been one of those brands that I’ve had a life-long dream to work with.

Q: What is your favourite flaming hot flavour: Doritos, NikNaks or Simba?

A: It’s very simple, Simba.

Q: Where do you find inspiration for your jokes?

A: I find inspiration everywhere for my jokes. I generally believe that you can laugh at anything. It just has to be done tastefully and it has to be done in such a way that even if you are making fun of somebody else, they too have to find it funny. So my inspiration comes from everywhere – from being with my friends, being with my family, watching people. I am always watching how people behave – how they walk, how they talk, the things they say.

Q: What keeps you grounded on days when you feel overwhelmed?

A: Three things. Number one is prayer. I always pray when I’m not feeling too great, overwhelmed or when things are not going the way they should. I always pray before a big production or a big show. Whenever I’m about to entertain, I first start with a prayer.

The second thing that keeps me grounded is my family. Spending time with my family helps me to realign and to calm me. They are truly my fun place.

The third thing that keeps me grounded is going to the gym. When I’m going through a lot, I go to the gym. It’s such great therapy. By the time I’m done, I just feel like a different person.

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