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Sol Phenduka bashed by Ntsiki Mazwai for his cowardliness

Dineo Ranaka and Sol recently had a radio interview with Mihlali Ndamase where Sol had few to no words to share throughout the interview.

YouTuber and social media influencer Mihlali Ndamase has once again become a trending topic, but this time it was for her radio interview on Kaya FM.

Ndamase joined media personalities, Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka, on Kaya FM’s Breakfast show on Monday morning, where she got the chance to talk about her career, business moves, a newly found relationship.

On the radio segment, Ndamase revealed that she changed her name on Twitter to Mihlali “Hot topic” Ndamase because many people have been discussing her personal affairs on public platforms, and she might as well own up to her trending name.

The social media influencer has made endless headlines this year, for her love life as she has allegedly been involved with popular business tycoons, and is now dating Leeroy Sidambe.

Because of this, her name has been brought up many times on Mzansi’s favourite popular controversial podcast, Podcast and Chill, and many times MacG and Sol Pheduka have bashed Mihlali and other women in her field, alleging that they do not get their money solely from their jobs but also from the men they are involved with.

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Taking to social media, Ntsiki Mazwai shared her sentiments on Sol Phenduka’s ability to gossip and talk badly about Mihlali with MacG on their podcast, but was somehow quiet, humble and respectful when she visited the Kaya FM studios for a radio interview with Sol and Ranaka.

“There is the strong and bold Sol Phenduka when he gossips about Mihlali… And the quiet church mouse he becomes when Mihlali is in the room,” said Mazwai.

Although many of Ntsiki’s followers agreed with her sentiments, other claimed that Sol had no choice but to be quiet throughout the interview, because Dineo does not give him the chance to share his opinions or ask any questions.

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