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Tweep causes a stir after comparing Mihlali Ndamase’s boyfriend to her father

The comparison comes after Mihlali shared pictures and videos from a birthday party she hosted for her beau, Leeroy Sidambe.

Twitter user @FluffyGillette2 has erased their tweet and deleted their account after comparing influencer Mihlali Ndamase’s boyfriend Leeroy Sidambe to her late father. 

“Respect to her father, can’t help to notice that she had to date someone who looks like her daddy,” tweeted @FluffyGillette2 along with side-by-side images of Mihlali pictured next to each man. 

Comparison of Leeroy Sidambe to Mihlali Ndamase's late father
Comparison of Leeroy Sidambe to Mihlali Ndamase’s late father | Picture: Instagram

The tweet was immediately met with criticism. 

“Every time umntana wabantu lives her life you guys always feel the need to bring up her late father. She did not open up about her father only for to use it against her every chance you get. Stop being weird,” complained @EmihleTshangela.

There were those that agreed with the observation. 

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Leeroy Sidambe’s birthday party

The comparison comes after Mihlali shared pictures and videos from a birthday party she hosted for her beau. 

Leeroy is believed to have turned 39, although there are whispers that he may actually be 40. 

The intimate birthday celebration was attended by the couple’s friends and in between Instagram stories from the dinner, Mihlali shared some video footage of the couple enjoying alone time. 

Mihlali and Leeroy went public with their relationship earlier this year, much to the surprise of people who assumed the latter was still married. 

In the months following the announcement, Mihlali was met with ire by social media users who believed she was dating a married man. 

She often trended and made headlines for this, prompting Leeroy to release an official statement calling for people to back off. 

The usually hot-headed influencer had yet to address the comparison. 

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