Steve Hofmeyr and his fans trying to expose his impersonator

Someone has been playing Steve Hofmeyr for a fool on social media and he would like to know who.

Afrikaans singer, Steve Hofmeyr has taken to social media rather calmly, wanting to know who ‘SteveHofmeyrLiveChat’ is, accusing the person of posting, commenting and responding to his online fans without his permission.

“Who is ‘SteveHofmeyrLiveChat’ and why does he answer on my page on my behalf?” the singer wrote in a Facebook post. “I call people by their name, not ‘hello fan.’ Let me know if you know more,” he said.

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It is amusing to see how fans have formed an army behind the singer, commenting and expressing their anger toward the stranger who dares to mimic Steve Hofmeyr.

Fans have been commenting on the artist’s post regarding the unfortunate, impersonal responses from his impersonator, empathising with him by saying that it must be someone who has nothing better to do.

Many of Steve Hofmeyr’s fans who have decided to take part in the conversation revolving around his new impersonator have also highlighted the fact that the person mimicking him, makes way too many grammatical errors. “One can immediately see that it is not your writing style,” says Chantell Herbert and Cindy Hattingh Calaca echoes Herbert’s sentiment by saying: “Doesn’t sound like you at all when you read it.”

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Others have come with advice for the singer, saying that he should report his impersonator on Facebook. Some have even taken the liberty of doing so on his behalf.

Another fan has taken the opportunity to make a joke out of it, bringing Steve Hofmeyr’s song, Agter Elke Man into the mix by saying that “behind every man, there is a fake profile.”

Who might Steve Hofmeyr’s unwanted impersonator be?

This video is no longer available.

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