Hofmeyr shares romantic anniversary message with wife Janine

Steve Hofmeyr and his wife Janine celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary today, with the singer using words to paint a picture of their marriage on social media.

Steve Hofmeyr certainly has a way with words and by the looks of things, even more so when it comes to love.

For his eighth wedding anniversary with his wife Janine, the Afrikaans singer, actor and activist took to Facebook this morning, sharing a closeup of his wife and captioning it with some impressive, romantic words.  

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“Janine, today we celebrate the day we chose for us, for rest for our souls, the company of one over many, the calmness that trust brings, the partnership of two up until our last days, the glorious silence of our togetherness, the brilliant notion in our eyes and the refreshing landscape within our embrace,” Hofmeyr wrote.

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“May we complete each other’s sentences to the end of time and may my love for you be worth your love. Thank you that you are on my side and for your never-ending effortlessness,” the singer said. “And thank you for the most beautiful little curly head as a symbol of our covenant.”

The couple got married in January 2014 and have a daughter named Romy-Lee, who was born in 2017.

Janine also took to Instagram with photos from their glamorous wedding day this morning, saying: “My love! Today we celebrate eight years of being one (with a curly head as extra), where we understand each other better than the previous year, laugh more and groan less.”

In her caption, she also says that Hofmeyr increasingly seems to realise that women are always right. She then concludes, saying: “I love you. A lot!”