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WATCH: Shona Ferguson’s last birthday message to Connie

Connie Ferguson turned 52 on Friday and she shared her late husband, Shona Ferguson's last birthday message to her before his death.

The Fergusons celebrated the birthday of their matriarch Connie Ferguson on Friday. 

Her daughter Ali Ferguson also turned 20 on Tuesday, and Connie shared a beautiful message to mark the occasion. But for her own birthday, The Queen Mzansi Magic actress shared a video of her late husband Shona Ferguson wishing her a happy birthday on the same day last year. 

Nobody would have thought this would be the last physical birthday message Shona would ever record with his family. He passed away in July 2021 due to Covid-19 complications. 

Connie turned 52 and in the video she posted of Shona’s emotionally-driven speech, their daughter Ali appears and the voices of family members and friends can be heard in the background.

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In the video, Shona says his wife isn’t celebrated enough. 

“You are, for me, the most amazing thing that happened. You are my partner, my best friend, my soulmate your happiness is my number one priority. Me, making you happy and giving you everything your heart desires and making sure that you are protected is what makes our kids love us more.” 

The Ferguson Films founder says his wife is the rock of their family and that Connie is “light” in a world filled with darkness. “You are everything to me, I can not imagine life without you.” It is at this moment Shona breaks down in tears, as the couple embrace each other for some time. 

They both can be heard saying “it is happy tears.”

Connie captioned the video: “Your spirit lives forever SHO. Thank you for the everlasting birthday wishes. I love you for eternity!” 

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