Zanele Potelwa joins SABC 3’s ‘Expresso Morning Show’

The Expresso Morning Show has increased its presenter lineup by welcoming Zanele Potelwa on board as a new host.

SABC 3‘s Expresso Morning Show, a well-known South African morning television program, is thrilled to introduce Zanele Potelwa as the newest member of its hosting team.

Zanele’s arrival is set to inject renewed enthusiasm and a lively presence into the beloved breakfast show, making it an even more enjoyable watch for viewers.

Zanele is a shining star in the local entertainment scene, with her popularity as a radio presenter and television host.

Excitement over Zanele’s addition to Expresso team

David Makubyane, the Head of Video Entertainment Platforms at SABC, expresses his excitement about Zanele adding her vibrant energy to the show:

“It’s really great that Zanele is going to add her colourful energy to the Expresso team. It is also encouraging to see a talent groomed by the SABC being given an opportunity on one of SABC 3’s flagship programmes, we wish her all the success,” said Makubyane.

Zanele Potelwa expresses her feelings about her new experience with the Expresso show:

“When we speak of dreams coming true, working for Cardova and the Expresso Morning Show is exactly that.

“A few years ago, when Expresso had their presenter search, I didn’t enter, but I still posted a video online of how I would have entered, had I been able to at the time. It has always been something I hoped for and Expresso has always been a show I admired.

“I can’t believe I get to start this new journey! It’s a huge career highlight getting to be part of many South Africans’ mornings by waking them up in the best way possible, on SABC 3,” explained Zanele.

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Expresso’s dual-studio broadcast with Zanele as host

Sane Zondi, SABC 3’s Programme Manager, expresses their delight in witnessing Zanele’s development across both radio and television platforms:

“Zanele was a raw talent identified by the SABC on Selimathunzi and the power of the network and SABC continues to progress her career on TV and radio. We are happy to see her grow on both platforms,” said Sane.

Expresso now broadcasts from both Cape Town and Johannesburg, with Zanele as the new host.

The addition of the Johannesburg studio is a big deal for the show, showing its commitment to fresh content.

Operating from two studios, in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Expresso shows more of South Africa, with different guests and live broadcasts from around the country.

This change helps the show connect with young city viewers all over South Africa and with Zanele joining and the new studio, the Expresso Morning Show will keep bringing joy and inspiration.

Catch the Expresso Morning Show on SABC 3, weekdays from 6 am to 9 am.

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