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Chicco Twala pleased with the remix of ‘I Need Some Money’, despite not knowing international artist

Los Angeles-based producer and DJ Mia Moretti has remixed one of Chicco’s biggest hits, 'I Need Some Money'.

Veteran musician and producer Sello ‘Chicco’ Twala is pleased with the remix of one of his classics, despite not knowing the international artist who remade I Need Some Money.

The reimaged version of the 1986 classic was released in mid-April by Los Angeles-based producer and DJ Mia Moretti, and Chicco said he likes the song, albeit humorously not knowing who Mia Moretti is.

“I normally get information form Gallo my publisher, they told me last year already. I don’t engage with artists, my publisher takes care of that. I don’t know who the artist is, if it’s a he or she,” Chicco told The Citizen.

The remixed version makes use of what sounds like Marimba drums, with kicks and snares that gives it a more up-tempo sound.

“It sounds good, I think it’s good for the US and Europe market, she knows her audience.”

Chicco said there’s nothing novel about his music being used outside the country. In 2018 Canadian Rock band sampled his 1995 song Sixolele Baba, to create Relentless.

“Even movies have used my music. The likes of Phat Girls and Hotel Rwanda, I feel honoured by this” said Chicco.

“I wouldn’t say I don’t get appreciation from home. Charity begins at home and the people at home have made me the person I am today. Obviously, the international recognition comes after that.”

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Father to Lamiez

Chicco said his relationship with celebrated DJ Lamiez Holworthy is in a good state after he shared that he was Lamiez’s biological father a few months ago.

“The relationship is normal, it’s of a father and child. She’s my daughter,” averred Chicco.

The two’s relation was sparked earlier this year when the DJ and her husband rapper Khuli Chana hosted what seemed like their child’s christening and Lamiez shared a photo of herself with Chicco.

Lamiez broke-out in the industry in the last five to 10 years, through her work on television, radio and behind the decks.

The revelation about being Chicco’s daughter came out just a few years ago, but the We Miss You Manelow singer said he’s been in the DJ’s life for longer than his public announcement of fathering her.

“We know each other, from the days she was a young girl. I have other kids and I have not made them public, beside Longwe,” said Twala.

“She’s an adult now; she understands the reasons [for not making it public]. It’s something we couldn’t talk about publicly.”

The Citizen reached out to Lamiez’s mother Imelda Klow, who is also her manager and she declined to comment.

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