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‘Not kiff, siff’ – The Kiffness’ election meme gets Mzansi’s panties in a twist

The South African musician and parody artist posted an election meme on his X timeline asking South Africans who they will be voting for, but the now viral meme struck the wrong chord.

South Africa’s parody music sensation, The Kiffness, real name, David Scott, mostly has Mzansi united in laughter with his hilarious videos and songs, but the musician’s latest attempt at comedy seems to have misfired completely causing an outcry on social media.

Captioned: ‘Which way South Africa?’, the meme is of a young white boy standing at a cross roads – one path leading to a dark, scary looking castle with political logos such as ANC, Patriotic Alliance, uMkhonto we Sizwe, Good and PAC paving the route. The other path, leading to the beautiful castle with sunshine is marked with logos of the DA, IFP, Freedom Front Plus, Action SA and the African Christian Democratic Party.

At the time of writing the meme had been viewed 375 000 times and garnered 687 comments on the original post.

However, an X user who goes by the handle @iambatman967 commented that Scott forgot to put a picture of KFC on the right of the meme [the pathway leading to the dark castle].

Scott wasted no time and quickly edited in some KFC drumsticks in between the political party logos leading to the dark, ugly castle.

While this second edited meme has only garnered 220 comments at the time of writing, it had just over 421 000 views.

Rubbing salt in the wounds, Scott followed this post with a video clip of ANC members fighting for streetwise pap at KFC outside Mbombela Stadium with the caption: “For those crying racism, this is what the ANC does… Don’t shoot the messenger.”

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The Kiffness accused of being racist

Unfortunately, this edit to the already ‘offensive’ meme did not go down well on social media and The Kiffness soon found himself accused of being a racist.

“I didn’t think you could become more racist than you already were but gosh darn it, you did it. Congratulations,” said @Sisi_Sasha.

“I love when settlers are this open and brazen with their racism. More black people need to see this vileness and realise we can’t live and unite with these settlers,” commented @Sbwl_420.

“An apple refuses to fall far from the tree. Apartheid beneficiaries will show us who their parents are,” wrote @Tsogang3.

“Congratulations boytjie. Not only have you shown your jaat to South Africa, you have shown it to the entire world. Well done on the next achievement showing everyone how racist you really are,” wrote @the_anni3.

“An example of the typical racist mentality of the white South African. He would tell you that he is not, even when it’s blatantly obvious for non-racists. They were raised this way and they think it’s normal. You’ll spot many more in the comments,” commented @TheDarkBeyonder.

The Citizen reached out to The Kiffness for comment on his motive behind posting the meme, but we are yet to receive a response. The story will be updated if and when a response is received.

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