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Dinosaur interpretive centre in Free State prepares to unveil prehistoric marvels in 2024

The museum will feature distinctive brickwork and design elements aimed at narrating the region’s dinosaur history.

The upcoming Dinosaur Interpretive Centre in between QwaQwa and Clarens in the Free State is set to officially open in August 2024, as it finally approaches the final stages of construction.

The site is set to serve as an interactive museum as well as a scientific research station.

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It is aimed at preserving the remains of the archaeological site where one of the oldest known dinosaur nesting grounds and embryos were discovered in 2012.

The museum will feature distinctive brickwork and design elements aimed at narrating the region’s dinosaur history and will become a noteworthy accomplishment in architecture and construction.

Innovative design

According to the park manager Peter Gordon, its innovative design incorporates exterior patterns reminiscent of dinosaur scales, skilfully crafted through intricate brickwork funded by South African National Parks with a budget of R83.5 million.

In the heart of South Africa’s Golden Gates National Park, where the dramatic Drakensberg Mountains rise like colossal sentinels, the hidden gem is not made of precious stones or minerals, but of fossils and ancient secrets, tucked away within the Dinosaur Museum. “

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The Dinosaur Museum, a modern marvel set against the backdrop of timeless landscapes, stands as a gateway to an era long gone when colossal creatures roamed the very lands visitors now traverse – about 200 million years ago,” Gordon said.

Gordon said inside its halls, life-sized dinosaur replicas will reign supreme, casting a spell of awe upon all who enter.

“We have already heard the story of the formidable Tyrannosaurus rex, with its imposing jaws and razor-sharp teeth, that is an undeniable highlight, and the Triceratops, with its formidable frill and three menacing horns, will stand as a testament to nature’s incredible diversity,” he added.

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