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Msaki brings her lyrics to life with the Fetch Your Life Foundation

Msaki has been on a hiatus in an effort to be present and reconnect with her family and get time to herself

On her hit song, Fetch Your Life Msaki sings: We pray away, pray away, pray away the pain of not being in Alignment with our dreams.

Instead of just praying for those who can’t make their dreams a reality, the singer has given more life to the abovementioned lyrics as she created a foundation inspired by the song.

“Three years ago, I started asking myself about what lived under the songs I had caught. I found out that I cared about people’s dreams and their alignment to their purpose,” said the multi-award-winning Msaki in her Instagram post about the Fetch Your Life Foundation.

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The foundation which is held by the three pillars of Creativity, Communion and Community is defined as a space concerned with finding encouraging ways to see more souls in this generation move toward their purpose.

“We love to see people living in alignment with their dreams and gifts. Our hope is to see them in their true nature as creative, dynamic, expansive beings directly connected to [the] source,” averred a statement from the foundation last year.

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Doing more

Last year the singer announced that she would go on a hiatus from performing on stage, simply because she wanted to be present and reconnect with herself and her family.

“I want to be present. I want to be a better daughter who has more time to call. I want to see my sister’s kids grow up. I haven’t had a free weekend for three years, and as much as that’s something to be grateful for, I also think that your moment of success shouldn’t be something that you have to survive on ivy drips,” Msaki said in an interview with News24 last year.

In her latest statement, Msaki said since stepping away from being on stage “I have found myself with more time and a deep desire to see people collide with their inner desires and gifts in small and big ways,” she said.

“I want to do this way more… seems connected to my essence,” she added.

“Sometimes it’s a whole camp or a retreat, other times it can only be one day or a moment singing and playing and locating what’s on the inside together. Every moment is a precious step towards alignment”

Last September the foundation hosted its first Spring equinox Creativity Gathering at the Farmhouse 85 situated at the Cradle of Humankind in Krugersdorp.

An equinox is when the sun crosses the equator and day and night are everywhere on earth of approximately equal length. This year’s equinox is expected to happen on 22 September.

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