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RHODurban: Nonku shows off her ‘gangster man’ in cringe-worthy video

RHODurban star Nonku Williams poked fun at the things people have been saying about her new man in an odd Instagram video.

After making waves with their car-gifting scene on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Durban (RHODurban), Nonku Williams and her, man Dumisani Ndlazi, are putting on a show for viewers. 

Ndlazi was introduced in the first episode of the latest season and seems to have cemented his role in both the show and Nonku Williams’ life. 

Based on previews for upcoming episodes, Ndlazi will also feature more often this season as RHODurban cast members raise questions about his wealth. 

After seeing how the latest episode ended, Williams and Ndlazi poked fun at the rumours in a cringe-worthy video showing the pair getting up close and personal. 

“My gangster man. Hello gangster man, are you ready to murder somebody?… Let’s kill them, masambe siyo ba bulala,” asks Nonku after breathing heavily while staring into camera, making faces and gesturing as though she is going to kiss Ndlazi.

All this while he stands silently beside her, bewildered and taking cues from her as he mimics her movements.

He eventually responded in agreement towards the end of the video, saying, “one time” in agreement. 

‘Khona into e off’ 

All season long, RHODurban viewers have been using the popular social media phrase ‘khona into e off’ to share their thoughts about the seemingly inorganic relationship between the two. 

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Ndlazi is very awkward on screen and many viewers feel as though he and Nonku are hiding something about their relationship. At the time of writing, the prevailing belief was that their relationship was purely an act meant to give Nonku something to talk about this season besides her celibacy journey. 

“There’s something that’s off here! It doesn’t give,” commented @keitu.m_. 

“Bayamenzisa lomjita,” wrote Instagram user @ngwana_badimo__tumi, who thought Nonku was making a spectacle of Ndlazi. 

“It was so uncomfortable watching this Lil clip… angazi shem,” added @noks4real.

Who is Dumisani Ndlazi?

We couldn’t find out much about Ndlazi apart from the fact that he is an entrepreneur and businessman who is said to have started a company called Digital Minds. 

Other than the fact that he is dating Nonku Williams and starring in the latest season of RHODurban, not much else is known about him but based on previews for upcoming episodes, the ladies have some tea to spill about Ndlazi. 

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