Lerato Maimela
Digital Journalist
2 minute read
17 Aug 2021
12:58 pm

‘Skeem Saam’: Is Fanie Maserumule dead or alive?

Lerato Maimela

Gift's tweet might be the confirmation and answer to the questions that viewers have regarding the death of Fanie Maserumule.

Gift Mokhampanyane as Fanie Maserumulo. Picture: Twitter

It seems as though the role of Fanie Maserumule on Skeem Saam has come to an end following the tragic incident that took place at Café Rovuwa which landed him in hospital.

Fanie and his boss Lehase have been at each others’ necks for some time after Fanie threatened to leak Lehase’s family history if he didn’t give him a stake of Café Rovuwa, the café Lehase owned, where Fanie worked.

Lehase warned Fanie to not make threats, but Fanie took the warnings lightly and continued to be persistent with his actions.

Coincidentally, following the threats, Café Rovuwa was invaded by criminals who shot up the place and shot Fanie in the process, landing him in hospital.

Maserumule’s healing was promising, and viewers were happy to see that he survived the shooting, but that all quickly changed after Lehase arrived at the hospital disguised as a security guard and poisoned his drip to end his life.

The events which took place in Monday night’s episode are evident that Lehase deliberately killed Fanie to keep his family’s history a secret, but many viewers are left believing that Fanie is faking his death and will be back on the show to expose Lehase.

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Gift Mokhampanyane, however, took to Twitter to post a tribute to his character on the soapie. The tweet reads: “Guys really nna…yall loved my character!! Rip Fanie Maserumule.”

The official Skeem Saam Twitter page has not posted anything about Fanie’s death on the TV show, or Gift bidding farewell to the show and his character, but they have been retweeting viewers’ tweets about Fanie’s passing on the show.

Here are some thoughts that viewers have on Fanie’s passing on ‘Skeem Saam’