Sandisiwe Mbhele
Lifestyle Journalist
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15 Sep 2021
11:40 am

‘Heartbreaking’: ‘Mnakwethu’ viewers left in tears after latest episode

Sandisiwe Mbhele

'Mnakwethu' viewers were left angered after the mistreatment of first wife MaShelembe and the attitude and 'arrogance of the mistress'.

'Mnakwekthu' viewers were left angered after the latest episode. Picture: Twitter

Even if you don’t like the show, you just can’t seem to keep your eyes off it. This is how Mnakwethu viewers feel every week after each episode.

Wednesday night’s episode on Mzansi Magic left many viewers in tears after the way Langa, from KwaZulu-Natal, treated his first wife and how he chose to bring his second wife in the picture.

Hosted by uThando Nes’thembu polygamist, Musa Mseleku, the show seeks to help married men introduce isithembu (polygamy) into their families.

Langa wanted Musa to assist him in asking his wife, MaShelembe, to accept his mistress MaSithole as his second wife.

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Langa then dropped a bombshell, telling Musa that he had already paid lobola for MaSithole and that his first wife knows nothing about it. He also revealed that MaSithole was four months pregnant.

Viewers were also taken aback by MaSithole’s stance and understanding of isithembu. She said if Langa got a third wife, it would be a dealbreaker and that the wife needed to respect her first.

When Langa and Musa confronted MaShelembe, she refused to let her husband take a second wife.

Watch MaShelembe’s response below:

The pain and anguish MaShelembe felt was evident. She felt mistreated, unworthy and said Langa had not finished paying lobola for her.

She also sprang a surprise and said she was aware that Langa had paid lobola for his mistress. MaShelembe could not understand how Langa wanted isithembu when he can’t afford to take care of her and their family.

Musa was praised for standing beside MaShelembe and for calling out Langa for not approaching isithembu the right way. He was also far from impressed with MaSithole’s arrogance.

MaSithole said she is the “pillar” of the household and not the first wife.

Mnawekthu viewers expressed hope that MaShelembe finds the strength to leave the unhealthy relationship.

Musa also asked tough questions, wondering if Langa was a good husband, if he treated his wife well and why he kept so many secrets in lead up to his appearance in Mnawekthu.