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11 Nov 2021
10:18 am

‘The Wife’ reactions: Zulu brothers steal the show

Sandisiwe Mbhele

Showmax's 'The Wife' has started streaming and viewers can't get enough of the Zulu brothers.

Zulu brothers on 'The Wife' from Showmax. Picture: Twitter

Showmax and fans predicted that The Wife series was going to be huge and from the first reactions, viewers think the adaption has lived up to the books.

During an intimate pre-screening of The Wife on Wednesday evening at Marabi Club in Johannesburg, The Citizen and a few others had the opportunity to view the first episode of this highly anticipated series.

The Wife is being produced by Stained Glass, and Showmax has commissioned three seasons of 40 episodes each. Showmax will be dropping three episodes every week from 11 November.

Having read the books myself, author Dudu Busani-Dube was correct in saying that fans are very invested in how this story should be made and the actors are welcoming a cult following into their lives.

‘The Wife’ and Zulu brothers

The first episode starts off with a bang, as we are introduced to Mqhele, played by Bonko Khoza, and as we will see throughout the episode, the character introductions are quite action-like.

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The Zulu brothers – Qhawe, Sambulo, Nqoba, Nkosana, Mqoqi, Mpande, Ntsika and Mqhele – have a strong bond and it is clear off the bat. The actors have created a sense of brotherhood felt in the books.

Nqoba, played by Adbul Khoza, the oldest brother Nkosana (Mondli Makhoba), Qhewe (Kwenzo Ngcobo) and Mqhele hold the fort as the formidable crime family.

Not giving much away, the Zulu brothers are in the taxi industry, Nkosana tries to avoid a taxi war as his brothers have notorious short tempers. As you will learn, Nkosana is the rock of the family but the brothers are also involved in many crime heists and will defend each other to the death.


As we are introduced to Mbalenhle “Mbali” Mavimbela as Hlomu, we find that she is a natural.

The Skeem Saam actress embodies who Hlomu is – a journalist, trying to get her life together, dealing with a boyfriend who doesn’t have time for her and a job that entangles her in the dark world.

Speaking to The Citizen, Mavimbela says fans will love her portrayal of Hlomu.

“I am Hlomu, there is nothing I can’t relate to, maybe the events she goes through but her emotions, her personality, what drives her, I understand it. But what she does go through can be emotionally taxing and I had to be mentally prepared. There was no theme that didn’t have drama.”

Mavimbela says in the first three episodes, we meet a driven, feisty woman and viewers get a “soft” start before all the drama kicks off.

Hlomu and Mqhele’s introduction is the classic love-at-first-sight moment. The chemistry between the two is undeniable despite Hlomu’s attempts to deny it when she unwittingly meets him at the taxi rank after her car breaks down.

From there, Hlomu’s life changes forever and we can’t wait to view more episodes.

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