Lerato Maimela
Digital Journalist
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19 Nov 2021
11:13 am

‘uThando Nes’thembu’: ‘Sometimes tradition is used to justify nonsense’

Lerato Maimela

Tension is brewing between MaCele and MaKhumalo in 'uThando Nes'thembu' because MaCele refuses to tell MaKhumalo the truth.

Musa Mseleku and his four wives on 'uThando Nes'thembu'. Picture: Twitter

Being a wife seems to be a bittersweet experience for Musa Mseleku’s third wife, MaKhumalo, as she seems to be the wife facing many challenges and issues within their marriage.

In the previous episode, Mseleku revealed to the first wife, MaCele, that he was in a romantic relationship with a woman who has the same surname as MaKhumalo.

Although Musa had not disclosed who his new love interest actually is, MaCele knew that he was referring to one of MaKhumalo’s close relatives.

In the previous season of uThando Nes’thembu, Musa said in passing that he was considering having children with a woman who had the same surname as MaKhumalo to ensure that she could also call the children her own, and his four wives did not think much about it, but he could now be putting his plan into action.

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Once again, last night’s episode touched on the topic of MaKhumalo not being able to bear children for Mseleku, and viewers were not pleased with Mseleku’s insensitivity towards his wife.

During a lunch date between MaCele and MaKhumalo on the episode, MaCele asked MaKhumalo what her reaction would be if their husband were to take on a new wife who had the same surname as her.

Being the smart woman that she is, MaKhumalo knew that there was a reason why MaCele had asked her that question, and she then knew that there is a high possibility that Musa has started dating a woman with the same surname as her.

“Mthombeni once mentioned that he wanted a Khumalo woman. Secondly, Mamkhulu never makes things up. I know her. I bet you now, today or tomorrow she will tell me that Mthombeni has a Khumalo girlfriend,” said MaKhumalo.

When she asked MaCele repeatedly if Musa had a girlfriend with the same surname as her, MaCele denied it. This irritated MaKhumalo and she stormed out of their lunch date.

Viewers were highly annoyed by what MaCele did at lunch, and they felt that she did it to hurt MaKhumalo and gloat about the fact that she knew information which no other wife knew.

Here is what viewers had to say about Thursday evening’s episode of “uThando Nes’thembu”: