Lerato Maimela
Digital Journalist
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23 Dec 2021
12:12 pm

‘The Wife’: Viewers react to Zulu brothers having to witness family murder

Lerato Maimela

Hlomu has gotten herself in too deep with the Zulus and has now had to sacrifice making strides in her career to protect family secrets.

The Zulu brothers on the Showmax original, 'The Wife'. Picture: Instagram

Last week’s episodes of The Wife saw Mahlomu putting aside her distrust and anger towards her lover Mqhele and his family, to walk down the aisle and promise to spend the rest of her life being devoted to Mqhele and the life he has chosen to live.

After finding out that the Zulu brothers were involved in the big case which Hlomu was working on and trying to uncover, viewers were certain that she would call the wedding off and end things with Mqhele, but once again Hlomu was blinded by love.

Episode 19 of the telenova picks up after the highly anticipated wedding, where Hlomu makes the decision to bury the CIT story she has been investigating, to protect her husband and his brothers.

This, however, has a major impact on her career as she loses her shot at the dream job her boss Mr Lux had promised to give her once she had succeeded in uncovering the story, and ensuring that their publication was in the lead with sharing the details of the story to the public.

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Episode 19 and 20 saw the Zulu brothers travelling back to their hometown of Mbuba where they grew up with their parents, before they were killed.

Viewers got the chance to experience the Zulus’ childhood and background, as the last episode was set in 1993 when the brothers faced the trials and tribulations of losing their parents and having to fight together to survive and build a name for themselves, after fleeing Mbuba for Johannesburg.

It was also revealed on episode 20 that Qhawe and Mqhele were the two brothers who witnessed their parents getting killed in cold blood, and this made viewers have some sort of empathy towards them because of what they had been through in their childhood.

Here is what viewers on Twitter had to say about the recent episodes of The Wife: