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30 Dec 2021
2:36 pm

Fans react to ‘The Wife’ on Showmax as the Majola brothers ruin everything

Kaunda Selisho

Viewers of 'The Wife' on Showmax want the Majola brothers gone after the latest episodes of the show, which ended in tragedy.

The Majola brothers on The Wife on Showmax | Picture: Instagram

After setting the scene for how producers have decided to interpret Dudu Busani-Dube’s Hlomu book series, The Wife on Showmax has taken quite a sad but climactic turn in this week’s episodes.

Episodes 22 – 24 of The Wife on Showmax went live at 5am on Thursday morning and by mid-morning, the show had already topped Twitter trends.

By Thursday afternoon, the show was still holding steady at the number one spot on the Twitter trends list.

Full spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t yet watched the show today, you may want to bookmark this article and come back to it later.

This week’s episodes followed the Majola brothers as they continued to plan their next attack on the Zulu brothers who have rebuilt their family home in KwaZulu Natal and moved back into it this week.
Viewers of The Wife on Showmax also get to meet Sambulo’s girlfriend, Jabu, played by Rhythm City’s Itumeleng Bokaba while, back in Johannesburg, Lerato’s affair takes yet another inappropriate turn. 

In KZN, the Zulu brothers pay homage to their ancestors and perform traditional rites for their new home, and all this family time prompts Qhawe and Mqhele to make peace on The Wife on Showmax. 

All the while, preparations are underway for Hlomu and Mqhele’s wedding, which encounters another obstacle in the form of Mandisa who has some nasty things to say to Hlomu.

She drops a bomb on her that causes Hlomu to rethink her marriage, however, our protagonist forges on into her doomed relationship, resulting in their final traditional ceremony, as shown in this week’s third episode (episode 24). 

As is the case with such tales, a happy event quickly turns tragic as the Majola brothers finally get their revenge, much to the Zulu family’s despair. 

Check out some fan reactions to the latest episodes of The Wife on Showmax: 

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