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‘Away for Repair’: Rami Chuene talks new SANParks reality show about healing

Actress Rami Chuene hosts a new SANParks reality show called 'Away for Repair', which will showcase breathtaking parks in SA while healing old wounds

A new South African National Parks (SANParks) reality show titled Away for Repair, hosted by Rami Chuene, is helping people heal from old wounds in the backdrop of nature.

The 13-episode series will see ordinary people taking much-needed time away to mend broken bonds. Rami, alongside life coach Romeo Mabasa, will take viewers on an emotional rollercoaster as four teams of two undergo a relationship boot camp in seven of South Africa’s prime national parks.

The participants will go through a range of fun and educational activities available in these destinations. Away for Repair will emphasise spending time in nature and taking care of your emotional wellbeing.

The parks showcased include Mapungubwe National Park, deep forested gorges of the Tsitsikamma National Park and Kruger National Park.

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After walking down the aisle and acting in some of SA’s best telenovelas, The Citizen got a chance to chat to Rami about her role as host and breaking perceptions of travel as a local.

Q: Away for Repair is not only an impactful reality show, but SANParks will also take viewers through some of the most beautiful parks. Have you visited some of the seven locations before?

A: This was a much-needed experience! I had been to the Kruger National Park before but I must say, with the show, every national park we visited I was blown away. I even forgot it [was work]. The views were breathtaking, the experience unforgettable.

Q: This show is about healing and mending old wounds. Is the winning element needed for this type of show?

A: The winning element is more of a bonus than anything. Throughout the show we have challenges and the teams compete. Those challenges are part of the process, encouraging working together, communication and hopefully, understanding. So having something to fight for or look forward to [prizes], adds a cool twist.

Q: Are contestants willing to open up and be vulnerable?

A: It really depends on what was discussed but thankfully, we didn’t struggle too much to get the contestants to open up. Everyone gets to openly share their stories at different times.

Q: Local tourism needs as much advertisement and publicity right now. Was that one of your reasons for joining such a project?

A: I was first persuaded by the concept of mending broken relationships and I would have done the show anyway but when I found out that we get to travel, I was elated.

Q: In your personal experiences, how have you find travelling locally and what are your favourite spots to visit?

A: I thought I was fairly well-travelled but this show opened me up to a new world that left me wanting. South Africa is a beautiful land indeed, there is so much to see, so much to explore! My favourite place has to be Tsitsikama, followed by Cape Agulhas.

Q: There is a perception visiting South Africa is very expensive as a local. Will Away for Repair demystify this and show that it can be accessible?

A: There are areas that are expensive to travel to as a local but with the show, people will get to see beautiful places to visit without having to break the bank. There is definitely something for everyone. And yes, they are accessible, affordable and very accommodating.

Away for Repair will premiere on 7 October on Mzanis Magic,(DStv channel 161) at 9.30pm.

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