‘Boer Soek ‘n Vrou’ – Decisions, decisions and unexpected twists

Emotions ran high this week as the ‘Boer Soek ’n Vrou’ farmers each had to pick one girl to send home.

Although some of the farmers looked as if they had everything figured out, the emotions were still evident as Boer Soek ’n Vrou’s five farmers each had to bid one of three girls farewell this week.

The unpredictable weather had Petré and his trio of girls baffled, but in the end their river experience led Petré to his decision of which two girls to ask to stay. Thunder rumbled in the background as Nelis had to make a choice, while Willem struggled with similar weather on the inside – not knowing whether he really feels any connection with any of the three girls he invited to the farm. A whirlwind hijacked Tyson’s carefully considered decision and Johan found the process exceptionally hard, saying “it’s not getting easier.”

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Talking to presenter, Marciel Hopkins, Petré said that Bu-Anda – the girl from the ‘Boland’ is likely to bring some energy into his life, while Lourize is comfortable in his midst and Eloise – an introvert – will make the perfect housewife. In the end, it was Eloise who unfortunately had to say goodbye. She told Marciel that being part of the Boer Soek ’n Vrou series taught her that she needs to let go and open herself up for love.

Eloise, Bu-Anda and Lourize
Eloise, Bu-Anda and Lourize. Image: Supplied

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After their Vaal River expedition, Nelis was 90% certain of his decision. He told Marciel that although he makes decisions with both his head and his heart, his heart usually has the last say. Back on the farm, the rain and the rumbling thunder in the background set the mood as he told Marciel that he is ready for love. He asked Margot and Esmerelda to stay on, while Steffeni – who almost cried while telling Marciel that she doesn’t know why she hasn’t found love yet – was eliminated. Steffeni ultimately said that she felt relieved after being eliminated and wished the other two girls well. After Nelis announced his decision, Margot and Esmerelda immediately asked if they could drink wine now, and he said: “We can do anything. It’s raining.”

Nelis had a difficult choice to make
Nelis had a difficult choice to make. Image: Supplied

Tyson, who isn’t one for drama, got bowled over by Chantelle who decided that she no longer wanted to stay on. “Your intuition guides you,” she told Marciel. The other two girls wanted to know whether that would have been Tyson’s choice for them to stay on, after which he said Chantelle made the decision a little easier. He told them that he would like to get to know them both better. “Love starts with friendship,” he told Marciel. Tyson also let it slip that there is one of the girls whom he particularly likes – especially her eyes and her hair.

Tyson got bowled over
Tyson got bowled over. Image: Supplied

In Marquard, Johan and his trio of choice literally tried all the local delicatessens there were to try, including pizza, pap and prawns. Chanzé told Marciel that she really liked it when Johan looked at her, which is why it was quite hard to be the one to get asked to leave the farm. Liandi and Arina – who both have strong personalities – will be staying longer, with a giggling Arina saying that she hopes that Johan is interested in her. “I like a manly man,” she told Marciel. Johan said that he doesn’t like to be micro-managed and that he is looking for a woman with a gentle personality. Liandi, who says that family is very important to her, believes that she shares that sentiment with farmer Johan and says she would love to start a family and share her life with someone.

Saying goodbye was not easy
Saying goodbye was not easy. Image: Supplied

Willem told Marciel that he is a little concerned as he doesn’t feel much of a connection with any of the three girls he chose yet. But, he also said that there were two of the three women whose personalities he is starting to understand a little better and therefore, he had decided to ask Chantel and Sonja to stay. Willem has two children and Sonja told Marciel that in the coming days, she would like to talk to him about that as she also has two kids and “it is important to discuss it.” She also told Marciel that she really wanted to stay. Chantel – who has a strong personality – believes that Willem would like to have someone who can support him and she says she would be able to fill those shoes. Nicky, who didn’t make it to the next round, told Marciel that she thinks Willem made the right choice.

Sonja, Nicky and Chantel
Sonja, Nicky and Chantel. Image: Supplied

As Johan rightly said, things won’t be getting any easier in the matchmaker series, with signs of competitiveness starting to show.

This video is no longer available.

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