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‘Generations: The Legacy’ – Tragedy in the Moroka family brings Karabo and Tau home

Viewers can expect all the class, charm and poise that Connie Ferguson and Rapulana Seiphemo have brought to the roles of Tau and Karabo.

Though fans are excited to see the return of Generations: The Legacy fan favourites Karabo Moroka and Tau Mogale, they are also in for some heartbreak as the characters do not return home on a good note. 

SABC1 announced the return of the two characters, played by Connie Ferguson and Rapulana Seiphemo respectively stating that the channel was “proud to welcome two beloved guest performers in the month of April”. 

‘Class, charm and poise’ 

Generations: The Legacy viewers will no doubt be delighted by the appearance of Karabo Moroka (played by Connie Ferguson) and Tau Mogale (Rapulana Seiphemo) who will grace our screens once more in their historic roles.

“Viewers can expect all the class, charm and poise that these two have brought to the roles of Tau and Karabo,” said SABC1 in a statement. 

Epic, dramatic month

The channel further promised that April will be an epic month with the drama of the show demanding the intervention of two important characters. 

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“As part of the larger Generations: The Legacy family, we can assure viewers that this is by no means the last or least that we’ll see of the two.”

The kidnapping

Generations: The Legacy’s April storyline will centre heavily on the kidnapping of a beloved Moroka family member who may not make it out alive. 

According to Generations teasers published by TVSA, at some point in the storyline, “a dark plan is set in motion to end a man’s life”, but not before the kidnappers demand a ransom. The ransom drop-off also leads to quite a dramatic series of events. 

The teasers also state: A renowned Moroka comes from afar to pay her final respects” and “A dark cloud hangs over the Morokas as they prepare to lay their son to rest”.

The question as to which member of the Moroka that will be can only be answered by watching Generations: The Legacy which airs weeknights on SABC1 (DStv channel 191) at 8pm. 

Though Connie Ferguson has long been loved for her role as Karabo, the same cannot be said about the show which rebooted itself some years ago after infamously firing sixteen of the show’s principal cast members. Connie was a full-time star of the show from 1994 to 2010, and appeared in brief stints every few years thereafter. 

Disgruntled viewers who have never let that event go took to Twitter to share their opinion:

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