Sandisiwe Mbhele

By Sandisiwe Mbhele

UX Content Writer

Real Housewives of Cape Town reactions: ‘This show is a joke’

Four episodes in, viewers flocked to Twitter to complain about 'The Real Housewives of Cape Town', some calling it the worst franchise.

It’s so bad, that viewers can’t keep their eyes off it. The Real Housewives of Cape Town has been airing for a month on Mzansi Magic and some audience members are tired of the reality show already. 

The Real Housewives of Cape Town cast includes Beverley Steyn, Rushda Moosajee, Loveline Abinokhauno aka Mrs Leo, Thato Montse, Camilla McDowell, Kutazwa ‘Rooksy’ Gqirana and Lulwando ‘Lue’ Tukwayo.

The women haven’t won over fans following the success of Johannesburg and Durban locations. 

Over the years, The Real Housewives franchise has centred mainly on the drama surrounding the women and less on their family lives with their kids. 

However, Real Housewives of Cape Town has been quite personal, as Steyn, Montse and McDowell have allowed cameras to film their children, and talk about the of day-to-day challenges as mothers. Episodes of the Real Housewives of Cape Town usually start on a drama-free note and climax with a big blowout. 

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Episode four was centred around Steyn’s plans for a boat cruise for the women. 

As the housewives get ready for the event, Gqirana hits a snag after the dress she ordered online did not turn out as she hoped. At first not wanting to go, she decides to go with her friend Mrs Leo. The ladies were surprised when the host, Steyn, said there will be no food on the boat cruise. 

The women arrived all dressed in white, and the host turned heads when she arrived with a handsome young man. The women questioned if it was Steyn’s new boyfriend or bodyguard. Steyn found the questions rude and felt she was being made fun of. 

She also found it offensive that Mrs Leo brought sushi and burgers on the boat cruise. Steyn said the experience was more about taking in the viewers, drinking a glass of champagne and having good conversations. McDowell added her opinion and said she saw no issue with the women bringing food, as it was clear in the invitation there wasn’t going to be any. 

This drama didn’t entertain audiences, as some said the group of women weren’t “rich” enough to be on the show and their disliking of each other didn’t make sense.