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VIDEO: Enhle Mbali disgusted at fans for making fun of Black Coffee’s hand

The actress called fans' behaviour "stupid, disgusting and embarrassing" after they used a post of hers to make funs of the fact that her ex-husband, Black Coffee, had injured his hand years ago.

Actress Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa has had to call her social media followers to order after a post she shared while on the set of upcoming show, Blood Psalms, was used to make fun of an injury her ex-husband Black Coffee got years ago.

Mlotshwa posed with a prosthetic hand on her Instagram stories and jokingly told fans that she was chilling with her new man before revealing that the hand was a prosthetic made by the show’s makeup department.

What happened to Black Coffee’s hand? 

Back in 2017, the DJ took to Instagram to explain that he was involved in a taxi accident 27 years prior and that the accident left him paralysed in one arm.

Black Coffee also explained that he was bullied severely when he was younger and this made him stop wearing an arm brace.

“When I was young after the car accident I used to wear one and being a kid it was hard as kids can be mean so I decided to stop wearing it especially in public. It has taken me so much time to appear like this in public because of my own insecurities but I decided to post this picture not just because for years people had their own versions of my story, I did this for myself,” wrote Black Coffee in the caption to an Instagram post about his arm.

“We all have little/big things that we don’t like about ourselves and we often put ourselves down before other people do, I’m personally working towards breaking those chains in my space and I believe with this I’m gonna unlock even more opportunities for myself. Don’t let anything pull you down. Fight for the best version of yourself,” he added.

The DJ also used to post to reflect on how men are not given the space and freedom to be open about their emotions and stated that he has decided to be more open as a way to teach his sons to deal with their feelings in a healthier way.

As a result of this, many who had seen Mlotshwa’s initial post assumed that the post was a slight aimed at the superstar DJ.

All this criticism and misunderstanding prompted the actress to take to her social media to call people to order.

“Hello everyone, I’m just saying, today, I’m not gonna be nice, I’m gonna be quite frank… I’m disgusted at what you guys did with the previous post. Now as much as Black Coffee and I are not together, he’s still the father of my children,” said Mlotshwa in a video.

“Now you cannot do what you are doing with this hand situation. I think it is insensitive and outright stupid. Stop it,” she said before adding “As a black people, it’s embarrassing how you guys constantly pull each other down. Stop it.”

The actress explained that she was simply showing off the work of the crew’s make up department and expressing her excitement for the show.

Blood Psalms is an upcoming Showmax series set to air in 2021. It tells the story of a fierce teenage African queen, Zazi, who battles a world-ending prophecy to navigate her people through complexities, politics and endless wars.

She also retweeted posts by some of her followers who were siding with her.

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