Be safe and be aware

Residents must be aware in order to remain safe.

The Primrose Sector Crime Forum has the following alerts for people in the area:

  • New crime method:

A resident of Libra Road, in Solheim, reported that two armed robberies recently took place in the street.

Allegedly, three men dressed in suits approach home owners and say they are investigating a report of a crime.

They then hold up the victims with firearms and rob them.

The men drive a maroon Audi.

  • Addresses being given out:

There is apparently a Primrose resident, who drives a green Land Rover Discovery, who is giving out other people’s addresses when selling items.

He allegedly gives out an address and tells the buyer he will meet them there at a certain time.

The Primrose Sector Crime Forum believes this man is putting residents at risk by giving out their addresses, as he is sending complete strangers to people’s homes.

  • Men asking for directions:

Recently, a blue Fiat Uno with dark tinted windows and two occupants stopped and asked people for directions.

They then called two of the people to come to their vehicle and attempted to rob them.

The victims screamed and they sped off.

“Do not approach this vehicle to help the driver with directions, as it is a ploy to rob you,” said Wendy Morgan, from the Primrose CPF.

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