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Man and woman found 10m away from vehicle after accident on the N17 near Ermelo

The woman was found meters away from where the vehicle came to a standstill against a tree.

ERMELO – A man died and a woman was critically injured in an early morning accident on the Bethal road, just outside Ermelo on July 12.

The red VW polo was reportedly travelling in the direction of Bethal when it veered off the road, overturned, and came to a rest against a tree.

When ER24 got arrived at the scene at 7:00, they saw the car lying on its side by the side of the road.

A man and woman thought to be in their 20s were discovered around 10 metres from the vehicle, according to Russell Meirring, spokesperson for ER24.

When medical professionals examined them, they discovered that the man had already succumbed to his injuries.

The woman was found in a serious condition with multiple injuries.

Before being admitted to Ermelo Provincial Hospital for emergency care, she was treated on the scene and given advanced life support.

Ermelo police, ER24, the forensic department, Msukaligwa Fire and Rescue Services and various other emergency services were on the scene.

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