Escape from Morgenzon police holding cells, a contentious mystery

The ongoing investigative process seems to be slow in terms of progress

MORGENZON – The escape of some prisoners from the police holding cells in February remains unsolved.

The ongoing investigative process seems to be slow in terms of progress, with a notable lack of answers from the authorities on pressing issues.

Suspicious circumstances surrounding the escape

The escape involved the inmates orchestrating a getaway under suspicious circumstances.

Reports suggest that the escapees, armed with four hacksaw blades, cut through secure doors and a mesh roof, and scaled the roof with ease after fashioning makeshift steps up from some strips of cloth they had at hand.

Questions regarding how they had acquired these blades in the first place remain unanswered, as well as whether there had been assistance from within the facility.

A satellite image of the Morgenzon Police Station. Photo | Google Earth and Google Maps
Above right: Mbekezeli Given Nkosi is still at large. Photo | SAPS

Allegations and unanswered questions

Allegations have surfaced regarding the condition of a solid steel door that closes onto the second barred door.

A resident, drawing from a past visits to the cells, suggested it had shown no signs of damage the day after the escape.

A fortified door with steel bars, along with a solid steel door, resembling the door that was allegedly undamaged. The image is for illustrative purposes only. Photo | Sourced/VRC Prospects website

He implied it might have been left open intentionally or due to negligence.

These claims, however, have not been substantiated, and no feedback on this was given from the authorities either.

Impact of load-shedding and police oversight

Furthermore, questions linger about the presence of two police officers on duty that night.

While one was reportedly patrolling in town, the other was stationed at the police station.

Adding fuel to the fire, load-shedding was said to have occurred during the escape, potentially aiding the fugitives by providing a cover of darkness.

The fact that the station’s generator was out of commission only deepens suspicions about negligence or an oversight by the police.

Efforts to seek clarity from authorities have yielded limited results, with assurances of ongoing investigations but little in the way of concrete answers.

The Morgenzon Police Station. Photo | Sourced/Google Maps

“How is it possible that after almost four months, no answers have been provided to shed light on the subject?” remarked the individual who had raised concerns about the undamaged door at the police station.

“People need to trust the police, but incidents like these, which remain unexplained for so long, make it difficult for us to trust them.”

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