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Highvelder aims to light the way to a cozier winter for less privelaged

With more than 200 people on the centre’s beneficiary list, it can get challenging to make the monthly budget work.

As winter approaches and the chill fills the air, Highvelder is launching a special project aimed at assisting the staff at Ermelo Lighthouse in their care for the homeless.

To kickstart this initiative, Highvelder has committed to donating food worth R1,000.

However, we believe that together we can make an even greater impact and ensure a warmer winter for the most vulnerable members of our community.

Understanding the Challenges

During our time spent at the Lighthouse, we heard the heartfelt stories of individuals who have found themselves on the streets. These circumstances often arise from a lack of alternatives rather than substance abuse.

Many individuals seek refuge on the streets as an escape from their difficult realities at home.

With over 200 people on the beneficiary list, the center faces ongoing budgetary challenges.

Your Support Matters

We extend an open invitation to all residents to join us in making a difference.

Any donations you can contribute will be immensely appreciated and will go a long way in supporting Ermelo Lighthouse’s vital work.

Drop off your donations at 43 Kerk Street or at the Merino Mall by June 15, as we aim to deliver them to the center on June 16.

Together, let’s bring warmth, compassion, and hope to those who need it most in our community. Join us in this heartwarming initiative and help make a positive impact this winter.

Some of these needs include:

• Clothing and shoes (jackets, jerseys, beanies, scarves, mittens, socks, underwear, hats)
• Blankets, sleeping bag, towels
• Toiletries (soap, cream, toothpaste, toothbrushes, roll-on)
• Dry vegetables (split peas, soup mix, beans, wheat, lentils)
• Salt, sugar, spices
• Soya mince
• Soup packets
• Rice, pasta, cornmeal, oats
• Sunflower oil
• Coffee, rooibos tea, coffee creamer
• Tinned food (vegetables, sardines, corned beef)
• Peanut butter, jam, margarine
• Vicks, Zam-Buk ointment.

Any donation will be appreciated, and will help the centre take care of the people during the next winter months.

For more information, contact Highvelder on 017 811 2221.

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