Toyota Gazoo karting competitors excel in Rotax championships

Round 4 of the Rotax Gauteng Championships took place in Vereeniging recently, and some keen drivers gave it their all to feature in these results.

KC Ensor-Smith proved to be the driver of the day at round 4 of the Rotax Gauteng Championships held in Vereeniging over the past weekend. He won all three of his heats to score maximum points on the day.

Kian Grottis, racing in the DD2 class, finished second in his first two heats, before winning the final race of the day. He was unlucky to suffer a penalty for a problem with the nose cone on his kart, but still, finish second overall for the day.

In senior max, Olerato Sekudu again showed his skill and consistency by recording three third-place finishes on the day, taking third place overall as a result. At the same time, Emma Dowling proved her mettle in the tough micro max class. She showed good pace throughout the day, finishing in fourth overall and scoring 88 points for the day.

Finally, young Reagile “Spice” Mailula looked on for another strong performance, only to have the accelerator cable on his Praga kart let go in the penultimate corner of race 2. Despite this setback, the mini max driver finished in sixth overall for the day.

“We’re very proud of our youngsters setting the tracks alight from an early age,” said Glenn Crompton, vice president of marketing and communications at Toyota South Africa Motors. “This weekend’s results speak for themselves, and we’ll be keeping a keen eye on our stars of tomorrow as they progress through the year.”

Next up for the TGRSA Junior Academy is round 5 of the Gauteng Kart Championships, which is set to take place on June 4 at Formula K.

Source: MotorPress

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