Simple ways to prevent backaches when working from home

Poor posture can lead to back pains and should be avoided

Many companies have implemented remote working strategies due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns. Although it is convenient to work from your home work station, this can be detrimental to your posture, resulting in back pain.

Here are some ways to prevent backaches while working remotely.

Invest in a desk and a comfortable chair

Investing in a good desk and chair will help maintain your posture while working on your laptop or pc by providing greater comfort and support for your body. Be sure to purchase a good quality chair as this will be a worthwhile investment.

Get a laptop stand

A laptop stand is a convenient accessory, which provides ergonomic benefits. Tilting your laptop on this stand will help relax your shoulders and keep your back straight, allowing you to relax and not strain your back while working, preventing backaches in the process.

Take regular walks

Sitting in the same place with limited movement can cause backaches and potentially other health problems because your muscles and bones are not getting regular stretches. While it is easy to fall into the trap of being less active when working from home, be intentional about exercise. Set some time aside at the same time every day to take a walk around the block, in your yard or even to the grocery store. This will help your muscles to move and relax, preventing any potential backaches.

Avoid working anywhere else other than your desk and chair

Working from home comes with all its perks – like being able to work from your bed or the living room couch. While this may be tempting because of the comfort and freedom, it can end up placing strain on your back. When you do not have the support of your chair and table to assist in keeping good posture throughout the day, the muscles in your neck and back may take strain which could cause injury due to you holding an uncomfortable position for an extended period of time.

Remote working is fun as it allows flexibility. However, back pain caused by muscle strain has become more prevalent during this time. The above-listed tips can help you get out of this pandemic with a lot less discomfort.

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