Isuzu’s D-Max 1.9 Ddi bakkie a frugal one

High fuel costs are part and parcel of doing business today. Isuzu has an answer, however.

Isuzu bakkies are a critical cog within many a farmer’s operation and SMME owner’s business, and Isuzu’s new D-Max Ddi bakkie range will help lower that extremely high fuel bill.

Driving a D-Max 1.9 Ddi double-cab 4×2 manual, Grant McCleery, the renowned racing driver and head of the Isuzu Driving Academy, completed a 1 431km test run between South Africa’s two biggest cities. He recorded a realistic, real-world average speed of 100km/h over the entire distance. The D-Max 1.9 Ddi used a mere 73.82 litres, which translates into a remarkable 5.1 litres per 100km, or 19.39km/litre!

In a similar test in 2021, the previous generation D-Max 2.5 single-cab used a total of 102.31 litres to cover 1 454km, with an average consumption of 7.02 litres/100km or 14.2km/litre.

“With the launch of the seventh-generation D-Max last year, we raised the bar significantly in all areas, including technology, safety, comfort and refinement. More importantly, the introduction of the 1.9 Ddi engine is designed to fulfil the requirements for a modern turbodiesel engine that meets the increasingly stringent global emission standards, uses less fuel, is a lot quieter and more refined, and delivers Isuzu’s world-renowned reliability and durability,” said Kevin Fouché, the product planning and programme management department’s executive, Isuzu Motors South Africa.

With 24 models in the D-Max range, the possibility to find the perfect derivative for your application is a given.

Source: QuickPic

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