Mike Moon
Horse racing correspondent
3 minute read
26 May 2020
5:02 pm

Waiting for government Godot – with Bling to cheer us

Mike Moon

A Twitterer was offering odds on Sunday night, ahead of the all-important address to the nation: 50-1 the ban on sales of smokes being lifted, 33-1 Cyril starting on time and 4-10 racing being allowed to restart.

President Cyril Ramaphosa. Twitter/@GovernmentZA

We could have made a bundle on the second option, with the president appearing bang on 7pm, mask in the right place, ready to deliver. Our money would have gone up in smoke if we’d gambled on the cigarette roughie. And racing restarting? Well, we’re still hanging on anxiously as the judge checks the photo finish images. We must wait for a cabinet minister to appear sometime this week and dispense favour to an industry of 60,000 people, 40,000 horses and billion-rand turnovers. Prospects of a racing restart are looking good. A leaked draft of the rules for Level 3...